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Embrace MySpace: Safe Uses of Social Networking Tools with Students 



Social Networking in Plain English


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Premise 1: Our Students are Already Using It



A Vision of Students Today


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Premise 2: If We Block It They'll Get Around It



Premise 3: If We Don't Teach Our Students How to Use It (Appropriately), Who Will?



Conclusions: What Are We Preparing Our Students For?



Welcome to the Human Network


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mr.moses@... said

at 10:18 pm on Nov 11, 2007

This presentation is now in it's fourth incarnation. It was first given to a Rotary early one morning before they headed off to work (http://mrmoses.org/rotary.html), then to the parents at Odyssey Charter Schools (http://tinyurl.com/2922lt), then to the parents at the Science Leadership Academy in Philly (http://mrmoses.org/sla.html), then at the Virtual School Symposium (http://wiki.odysseyk12.org/vss2007), and now here with the hopes of being presented at EduCon 2.0, NECC, and NCCE.

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